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Shenzhen Liene Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is the general distributor of CAMDEX Machinery Co., Ltd. Since 2011, it has been the sole agent of the global marketing business of CMDEX brand cam indexers, providing technical support, product services, etc.


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Main business

CAMDEX Kamde Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first foreign-invested enterprise in China to use imported machining centers to produce precision cam indexers. It has rich experience in precision cam design and manufacturing, through computerized product design, standardized production processes and modernization ERP management, with imported horizontal multi-table machining centers, CNC lathes, precision measuring instruments and other equipment to produce high-quality, high-precision, cost-effective cam indexers and various non-standard cam products. It has achieved a leading position in the field of domestic cam indexers and automated production.

Main business1-Cam indexer

Main business2-DD motor

Main business2-Linear Motor


CAMDEX brand history

Original company name: Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
In 1998, the company’s founder Mr. Chen Ronggen’s Hong Kong Tongchang Glass Machinery Factory became the general agent of Tanzi Precision Machinery in Hong Kong and the Chinese market. In the same year, the "Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd." was established in Guangdong. All marketing operations were managed by Tanzi Seiki assigns personnel to handle it.
In April 2002, Mr. Chen Ronggen established Tanzi Precision Machinery (Anqiu) Co., Ltd., and started production of TANTZU high-precision cam indexers in Weifang, Shandong, China. In the same year, "Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd." ceased operations.
In November 2003, Tanzi Precision Machinery (Anqiu) Co., Ltd., Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Tanzi Precision Machinery terminated their cooperative relationship.
In 2006, Tanzi Precision Machinery (Anqiu) Co., Ltd. registered the "CAMDEX" brand cam indexer trademark, replacing the TANTZU cam indexer brand, and CMDEX began to enter the international market.
In December 2007, Mr. Chen Zhaohui (son of Mr. Chen Ronggen) established "CAMDEX Machinery Co., Ltd." in Guangdong and moved the production line of Shandong Tanzi to Guangdong.

Production equipment
Swiss horizontal cam machining center, HAAS CNC equipment, AGMA CNC, TAKISAWA CNC equipment, WELE CNC
Measuring equipment
1. Three-dimensional detector Cavl Zeiss Germany
2. Roundness meter, Marl, Germany
3. Hardness measuring instrument
4. Surface roughness meter (finishness meter) Mitutoyo
5. Height gauge (two-dimensional measuring instrument) Trimos, Switzerland
6. Accuracy measuring instrument HEIDENHAIN
7. Digital display 3-point internal micrometer SYLVACSA Switzerland

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