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DA Ultra-thin Platform Divider
DA Ultra-thin Platform Divider
DA cam indexer structure
DA Ultra-thin Platform Divider DA Ultra-thin Platform Divider DA cam indexer structure

DA Ultra-thin Platform cam indexer

  • Category: Cam indexer

  • Port: Shenzhen, China

    Precision: ±30 (arc-sec)

    Feature: The center through hole does not rotate, the flange surface rotates, and it can carry large-diameter disk surfaces. It is suitable for heavy load and high-precision rotary drive. The smaller size can effectively save space.

    Application: Automatic machinery, assembly machine, packaging machine, electronics industry, hardware machinery, laser machinery, lithium battery industry, automatic intermittent rotation mechanism

    Weight: 15-1600KG (Kgf)

    HS Code: 8483409090

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Product Description

DA series cam indexer

DA series cam indexer
The properties of the series are the same as the table model. It could be endured the heavy axial and radial load. Its positioning accuracy is high,The neces-sary equipment would be assembled directly to the flange and large diameter hollow shaft of the output of the series. Electric wire and pipe from the power source could be passed through the hollow shaft. The series are widely applied in automation apparatus and industrial machinery to work the intermittent motion.

Product Details

Project Details
The distance between the output shaft center and the input shaft center(mm),90DA=900mmDA 70DA/90DA/110DA/150DA/190DA/230DA/330DA/450DA
No.of Stop(s) No.of Stops available :4,5,6,8,10,12,15,16,20,24,30,32
Indexing Angle( h ) The number of degrees the input shaft, Rotates to effect one index motion of the
 output shaft. 90,120,180,270
Cam Rotation Direction The input shaft can rotate in either direction. If no fixed direction is required , simply change the motor Direction to reverse the output shaft rotating direction. Standard Models are in right direction.                                                                                                       
Hollow hole diameter(mm) 17,34,45,57,80,127,100,120

Technical Parameters

Item Sym-bol Unit Distance between out and in axis
70DA 90DA 110DA 150DA 190DA 230DA 330DA 450DA
Allowable thrust load on output shaft C1 kgf 316 500 700 1200 1838 2800 3560 4850
Allowable radial load on output shaft C2 kgf 142 210 350 700 918 1300 3430 4160
Allowable torque on output shaft Ts kgf-m Refer torque table
Allowable thrust load on input shaft C3 kgf 190 260 310 410 510 650 1880 2460
Max. repetitive bending force on input shaft C4 kgf 163 260 360 410 510 650 2150 2760
Max. repetitive torque on input shaft C5 kgf-m 9.5 25 30 40 61 80 650 860
GD2 of input shaft (Note1) C6 kgf-m2 1.9 x 10-3 2.5*10-3 6*10-3 0.02 0.105 0.136 1.71 7.9
Indexing accuracy   sec. ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30 ±30
Weight   kg 15 28 42 86 180 285 1000 1600

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