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How to replace the needle roller bearing of the cam indexer

2021-11-10 09:27   camdex indexer      

When the cam rotary indexer is in use, sometimes a single station is stuck. Under the premise that the rotary indexer cam is normal, in the opinion of Li'anyin engineers, it should be a problem with the roller needle on the output turret inside the rotary indexer. It needs to be replaced for continuous use. However, it is recommended to return the rotary indexer to the original factory for replacement in terms of precision and use effect. Under special circumstances, you must disassemble it yourself. The following summarizes the small experience of the maintenance of the rotary indexer for your reference.

Indexer bearing, needle bearing installation

The disassembly of the rotary indexer is relatively simple. Just remove the oil seal cover, loosen the screw on the compression cover, and remove the bearing seat to see the cam and turret inside the rotary indexer. The main difficulty should be the assembly of the rotary indexer. Above, because self-assembly of the rotary indexer cannot be adjusted to a better condition without experience. What's more, similar to the Kemder rotary indexer, it has to be tested by a special precision instrument. For manufacturers who need it, there is no Similar to the instrument.

Indexer bearing, needle bearing installation

After the rotary indexer is disassembled, replace the damaged needle roller. Before this, you must confirm with the manufacturer. The model of the needle roller used in the rotary indexer is usually produced by the manufacturer. A more important technical point is required. Note that after the rotary indexer is used for a period of time, the surface of the needle roller will become smaller due to the mechanical friction generated by the cam of the rotary indexer, and the needle rollers we replaced are all newly produced, especially when used For a long-term rotary indexer, the size error will be large, so the installation on the turret will affect the overall accuracy. Therefore, the replaced roller should be measured first. If the size error is too large with the roller needle in use, It can be used for processing. This step is more important, and it is also the reason why many of the accuracy can not reach the original effect after the bearing is replaced in the maintenance of the rotary indexer.

Indexer bearing, needle bearing installation

The above is a little bit of experience talked by Li An Yin engineers in the bearing replacement of the rotary indexer. When our customers rework the rotary indexer, some of the rotary indexer is disassembled and not assembled. On the one hand, the engineers want to know about the rotation The internal structure of the indexer. On the other hand, everyone would like to try it out. Can you perform maintenance, assembly and replacement by yourself? The manufacturer will be equipped with special tools when assembling the rotary indexer. At the same time, the accurate grasp of the accuracy of the rotary indexer is also related to measurement. The instrument is inseparable. From the perspective of technology and use, it is the best choice to return to the production plant for maintenance if the product has abnormal problems.


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