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Judgment and treatment method when the cam indexer fails

2021-11-19 11:23   camdex indexer      

The cam indexer wears and tears in long-term use, or due to improper operation, the maximum torque of the cam indexer is exceeded during use, which can easily cause the needle roller of the indexer output turret to break. Under normal circumstances, the damage of the cam is less, especially Some brand indexers are directly related to the cam material.

The cam indexer is used, the indexer is abnormal

When this abnormal situation occurs, during the operation of the indexer, there is no split output in the corresponding intermittent times, or the split output is unstable or there is no split output at a certain position, and the phenomenon of stuck machine. In this case, first It is recommended that a professional engineer or manufacturer complete the repair and disassembly, remove the indexer mechanism, open the back cover of the mechanism, and analyze the real cause.

The cam indexer is used, the indexer is abnormal

When the indexer cam is damaged, it can no longer be used. You can contact the manufacturer to replace the cam. There is no damage or minor damage. After confirming that it can be used, the axial position of the indexer does not need to be adjusted.

Another situation is that the needle roller is damaged. You can take out the output turret, that is, the indexer output shaft. There are two ways to replace the needle bearing. You can loosen the output sleeve, take out the output shaft, and output. The gland at the rear end of the shaft does not need to be loosened, and the axial position will not change when the maintenance is OK and then the assembly is carried out, which is conducive to the installation and accuracy testing and adjustment.

Take out the input shaft, loosen the lock nut at the back of the output shaft, and with the output sleeve at the front, you can take out the output shaft together with the shaft sleeve. When installing again, lock the nut. This gear can ensure that the output shaft returns to its original position. s position.

The cam indexer is used, the indexer is abnormal

 Under normal use, the cam indexer rarely has no indexing or uneven indexing. When the camera jams and jitters abnormally during operation, or the impact on the turntable is too large during operation, it will cause the internal parts of the indexer. Damage, if the equipment is very prone to jamming, in order to ensure the use of the indexer, a torque limiter is installed on the drive end. For those with a large impact on the turntable, the support will be installed at the corresponding station. The degree has a substantial protective effect on automation equipment or indexers.

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