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How to choose a suitable drive motor for cam indexer

2021-11-15 15:14   camdex indexer      

We all know that the rotary indexer itself does not have the driving function. It is mechanically moved under the action of the motor, and the motor cannot directly drive the cam rotary indexer. The reason is that the speed of the motor is too high, and the reduction ratio needs to be added in the middle to complete. Moreover, it is generally difficult to directly drive the rotary indexer to rotate if the torque is too small. Therefore, the suggestion of Li'an Yin's engineers is to add a worm gear reducer in the middle of the installation. The model and the speed ratio are determined according to the requirements. As a core component of automation equipment, in the turntable, the motor drives the rotary indexer to work. In daily use, how to match the motor, here is a brief introduction.

Indexer motor, rotary indexer drive

Most people think that the requirements for motors in the use of rotary indexers are relatively high, or that servo or stepper motors for rotary indexers will be more precise. As the core component of the equipment, it is important to choose a good brand of motor to match the indexer, but With pure motor drive function, its accuracy is completely guaranteed by the rotary indexer.

Commonly used motors include ordinary gear speed motors, stepping motors, three-phase asynchronous motors, servo motors, motors with RV reducers, hollow right-angle motors and so on. Speed-regulating motors are generally selected for small-size motors. For motors that need to be started and stopped frequently, brakes can be used. For the use of brake motors, it is recommended to use brakes that frequently start and stop for less than one second, which will easily affect the life of the motor, and can be equipped with a motor with a brake clutch. , Or stepping, motor servo. As a result, the cost of the brake clutch is relatively high.

Indexer motor, rotary indexer drive

If the processing requirements on the rotary indexer disc need to consider the signal to control the rotation, you can use a servo motor to drive the cam rotary indexer, use a control system such as PLC to control the stop, install a photoelectric switch on the input shaft of the rotary indexer, and program in the PLC Just set a delay control in, if you want to customize it, you can also use the touch screen to set the input. In actual use, you must pay attention to the selection of the rotary indexer. An unsuitable model will threaten the stability and life of the entire machine and equipment.

For the recommended rotary servo motor that requires any 360 degree rotation and any index, the indexer with any index comes with a speed ratio of 1:12. Any index can be controlled by the servo motor, such as precision engraving and milling machines commonly used in the market. This kind of indexer requires relatively high processing accuracy. According to different equipment or installation space, different motors can be matched. The motor can be fixed horizontally with the indexer on the table or under the worktable.

Indexer motor, rotary indexer drive

When the equipment is running, the motor keeps rotating. When the indexer is working, the equipment works according to the beats of the driving angle of the indexer itself, such as rotating for 1 second and stopping for 1 second. The driving angle of the rotating indexer is 180 degrees, or for 1 second. Stop for 2 seconds and choose a drive angle of 120 degrees. You can directly choose a speed-regulating motor without brake, or a three-phase asynchronous motor, matching the reduction ratio, and the installation method can be connected with a synchronous belt, a chain sprocket, or the input of the indexer The shaft is lengthened and equipped with a hollow right-angle motor or an RV reducer plus a motor. The hollow right-angle motor is small in size but the price is higher for the first time.

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