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Why does the rotary indexing machinery have accuracy deviations

2021-12-03 10:14   camdex indexer      

The self-locking function of the rotary indexer ensures the accuracy of positioning, but when the positioning deviation exceeds the expected accuracy tolerance, where should you start to analyze the cause?

Cam rotary indexing, indexing device, indexing machine

Since the positioning deviation of the rotary indexer belongs to the rotary indexing, it contains two kinds of axial and radial deviations. We must first determine which type of error the positioning deviation is, whether it is an axial positioning error or a radial positioning error . After this result is determined, the cause of the inaccurate positioning of the rotary indexer can be determined. For example, the radial offset error is caused by the design and manufacturing precision of the cam curve, or the non-standard machining of the indexing roller and the splitter output turret positioning hole (Of course, the radial error of the positioning may also occur It is caused by the wear of the cam curve). When the above-mentioned problems occur, we can regain the high-precision positioning accuracy of the rotary indexer by replacing the damaged parts and adjusting the corresponding input eccentric cover.

Under the condition of ensuring that all the connecting parts are normal, from the analysis of the divider's own causes, the input shaft of the rotary indexer will be loose and the positioning accuracy will be deviated. For example, how to judge it when the input shaft cannot be rotated or is difficult to rotate The reason.

First, check whether the input shaft taper bearing of the rotary indexer is worn or damaged, and secondly, check whether the input shaft oil seal is leaking, or the fastening screw is loose or damaged. In addition, the meshing of each output index and input force of the rotary indexer is a single mechanical action. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the rotation and force distribution of each station are theoretically uniform. After an abnormality occurs, You can turn the input shaft to see if the force is even and whether the output turret can be driven normally.

The occurrence of the above problems can roughly determine the reason for the loosening of the input shaft, due to damage or wear of the input shaft taper bearing, or the loosening of the input shaft eccentric locking screw, and when the input shaft cannot rotate or cannot drive the output turret , It is certain that the result is caused by the deformation and fracture of the output shaft index roller.

Cam rotary indexing, indexing device, indexing machine

All in all, the maintenance and correct use of the rotary indexer are very important. At the same time, it is also reminded that the automation system at the beginning of the design, combined with the external transmission and internal structural characteristics of the rotary indexer, can choose an appropriate torque overload protector to prevent the divider from malfunctioning. Damage is the torque limiter we often use.

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